The power of a lamp

Until recently the power of a light was defined by its wattage, however nowadays you will see that some lighting packages will also show lumens, but what is the difference between the two and how do they fair when it comes to energy consumption? Which one should you use for your home? Well we answer all of these questions and more!

Watt vs. Lumen

The difference between lumen and watt is that lumen is a unit for the amount of light/brightness produced by a light source, whereas a watt is the unit that measured the amount of energy/power required to operate a light. Lumen is actually a better way of knowing how bright a bulb really is as it indicates the light intensity and the output of that specific light whereas watt only indicates the energy consumption of the light.

So the higher the lumen output is the brighter the light is, this is why now lumen is at the forefront on bulb and light packages when it comes to indicating brightness. It is impossible to convert wattages to lumen, they are two completely different measuring units. It used to be indicated that a higher wattage would give out a certain amount of light, however that has changed so now you see some LED bulbs that have low wattage lights can give out a lot of light output also. So now its best to look at the lumen output of a light source rather than the wattage.

What is voltage?

There are two types of voltage; low and high voltage. Voltage indicates the electrical charge between two points of connection. Ireland standard voltage is 230 and this is called high voltage, most homes work on this. However, there are some exception for recessed spotlights that are 12V as these are low voltage . If you want to convert high voltage into low voltage, for example a 230V to 12V can be done by using a transformer as it will ensure that smooth conversation takes place from one voltage to another. A good example of a transformer is the adapter used for your laptop or the charger for your phone, these are all transformers that convert voltage/power from one device to another.

It´s important to remember the difference between a 12V and 230 voltage, its advantage and disadvantages when it comes to both of the voltages as we explain below: The advantage of a 12V lamp is that they last longer because they operate on less power, they are usually white light and tend to be brighter even if they are dimmable. However, a disadvantage is that you require transformers to use these types of lamps and installed.

The advantage of a 230V lamp is that it doesn´t need a transfromer, it is the standard voltage required for most homes and can ebe used in conjunction with a number of energy saving bulbs. There really isn´t a disadvantage when it comes to high voltage lamps.